One and Only – Sheff G

One and Only – Sheff G

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? 1. 2nd Intro
? 2. Moody
? 3. Note to Self
? 4. Michael
? 5. Fear Over Love
? 6. Once I’m Gone
? 7. No Suburban, Pt.2
? 8. Lil Big Bro Shit (feat Sleepy Hallow)
? 9. Tonight 2
? 10. The lefts (feat Young Ap)
? 11. Weight On Me (feat Sleepy Hallow)
? 12. Captions (Outro)

Project had potential, but failed where it mattered most. Production was hit and miss. Most of the beats were very boring, and putting a boring delivery on it did not help. The lyrics had meaning, but again, the delivery did not honor that. I actually enjoyed track 11, if he stuck with that vibe it would have been a better project. Stop substituting words with ad-libs and add more energy and emotion to your delivery. I’d like to hear what he does next if he corrects these issues.
4/10 – D1C3


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