The Certified Genius – C.G.

The Certified Genius – C.G.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Certified Genius – C.G.

?2.Transition ft. Elus & B.Ankha
??3.Angels ft. Guilty Simpson & Rockness Monsta
??4.Destruction ft. Dikulz & Twisted Insane
?5.Never Sold Dope ft. Ren Thomas & Bizarre
?6.Higher ft. Niamson & Ca$his
?7.Angels ft. Guilty Simpson and Rockness Monsta [Remix]
?8.Transition [instrumental]
?9.Angels [instrumental]
?10.Destruction [instrumental]
?11.Never Sold Dope [instrumental]
?12.Higher [instrumental]
?13.Angels [instrumental]

Strong cons for this project were the length of the tracks and some poor uses of features. The back end that played all instrumentals saved it for me because they’re all gas. I would have appreciated this much more if it was just a beat tape. We really didn’t need that remix to Angels. The song barely scanned to begin with. But overall it’s a pass for me.
6.7/10 -Frank


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