Mikey – Big Breakfast

Mikey – Big Breakfast

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?01. Lush
?02. Str8 Razor
?03. Shorty Wireless (ft E L U C I D)
?04. Antique Credenza
?05. Extreme Coupon (ft Czn Brady)
?06. Rabbithole
?07. Strawberry
?08. On My Kids (ft Houdinne)
?09. Necking
?10. Extra Strength (ft GDP)

Man I’ve got some mixed emotions on this one this project is Some kind of weird chimera, dude is rapping he’s throwing punches and stringing together quotable back to back and he’s got this cold voice AND the beats are top notch just a little weird but fire. And even with all this positive shit Going for it the project falls kinda flat for me, to much low energy flowing if your not hyper focused all the songs bleed together into a gray mush that all kinda sounds the same. I’m giving mans his roses because he’s talented and this is a dope project but you have to listen you have to give yourself the room to sit and focus on what’s being said the production all of it or you won’t appreciate this at all maybe that’s on purpose maybe it’s not but this ain’t for the casual listener.
6.8/10 – JW


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