[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]CoronaVIOLENCE LP – MCD

?01. Anihilate
?02. Space Tourist
??03. Covid-19
?04. Addicted f. ??Dabble (that voice effect is ass)
??05. Shooter f. Self Savior & S. Cross
?06. Dennis
?07. High Brow Bars
?08. Front Page News f. Cryptic
?09. 16-BIT
?10. Voda
??11. The Old Hag
??12. Casket

Off rip, UK Slim Shady. He can rap, and his subject matter is that shit im normally all the way on board with. Conspiracies and controversial current type woke shit. Prod is ok, mixes are solid. I can appreciate he can rap and the concepts and risks he took but other than that allot of this is boring and drawn out. If the song is decent, it ends up being too long, or it mostly is just missing a bit of pop and flair. Minus track 8 every song feels like its missing allot to make it really work. I honestly just couldn’t enjoy this one and there were things I wanted to enjoy. Maybe the next one will right his wrongs. Pass on this one.
3.5/10 – John D.


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