Mad Season – Twiztid

Mad Season – Twiztid

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Mad Season – Twiztid

?1. Off With They Heads
?2. Do This 1 More Time
?️3. Everything’s Cursed
??4. That’s What They Be Telling Me
?5. F Feelings
?6. Wasted 4 (ft. Bingx?️, ABK??, Blaze Ya Dead Homie?️, Axe Murder Boyz?)
?️7. Follow Me (ft. Hyro The Hero??)
?8. Hungry Like the Wolf (ft. Jimmy Urine)
?9. Fuck Wit Us ft.Blaze Ya Dead Homie??
?10. My Bible (ft. Stevie Stone?, and Young Wicked?)
?11. Slo-Mo
?12. 4Get U (ft. Young Wicked?, Ekoh?)

Here’s a list of complaints.
– Most of the features brought the value of the project down.
– Everything’s Cursed is mad filler.
– That’s What They Be Telling Me is basically a softer version of “They Told Me”
– Wasted 4 should be the last installment cause was ?. Fuck Wit Us should’ve been Wasted 4.
– Hungry Like the Wolf is all over the place. Rock infused with 70’s Sci-Fi isn’t something I’ve wanted to hear in my lifetime.
They must’ve been wasted while putting those tracks together. Cut the fat off and it’s a solid tape.
5/10 – Drake K.


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