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Mad Season – Twiztid

Mad Season – Twiztid

Mad Season – Twiztid

🌊1. Off With They Heads
🌊2. Do This 1 More Time
🆗️3. Everything’s Cursed
👍🏼4. That’s What They Be Telling Me
🌊5. F Feelings
😴6. Wasted 4 (ft. Bingx🆗️, ABK👍🏼, Blaze Ya Dead Homie🆗️, Axe Murder Boyz🌊)
🆗️7. Follow Me (ft. Hyro The Hero👎🏼)
🚮8. Hungry Like the Wolf (ft. Jimmy Urine)
🌊9. Fuck Wit Us ft.Blaze Ya Dead Homie👍🏼
🔥10. My Bible (ft. Stevie Stone🔥, and Young Wicked🔥)
🌊11. Slo-Mo
🌊12. 4Get U (ft. Young Wicked🌊, Ekoh🌊)

Here’s a list of complaints.
– Most of the features brought the value of the project down.
– Everything’s Cursed is mad filler.
– That’s What They Be Telling Me is basically a softer version of “They Told Me”
– Wasted 4 should be the last installment cause was 🤮. Fuck Wit Us should’ve been Wasted 4.
– Hungry Like the Wolf is all over the place. Rock infused with 70’s Sci-Fi isn’t something I’ve wanted to hear in my lifetime.
They must’ve been wasted while putting those tracks together. Cut the fat off and it’s a solid tape.
5/10 – Drake K.


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