Never Lose Passion – Neno Black

Never Lose Passion – Neno Black

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Never Lose Passion -Neno Black

?01. Monumental
?02. Major Funds
?03. Onyx Stories
?04. Notice (ft Micahfonecheck , Foe & Bugatti Bully)
?05. Gate Codes
?06. For The World (ft Sinatris & Breana Marin)
?07. Run It (ft Malcomjamal Fresh Don P)
?08. Never Lose Passion (ft Queen Keva)

Projects hella smooth production is nice every thing sounds clean beats slide so there’s quality here. features were straight everyone did their thing and he didn’t get outdone by any of his features. Now Neno himself can clearly rap he’s got flows and wasn’t drowning in any of the beats I think I coulda used at least one punch heavy track or something I feel like he didn’t really go hard on any of these and just kinda played it safe. That being said project is a dope listen.
7/10 – JW


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