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Find The Beat – Blueface

Find The Beat – Blueface

Blueface – Find the Beat

😴01. first class
🚮02. vibes
🚮03. weekend ft lil baby
😴04. murder rate ft Polo g
🚮05. Obama ft dababy
🚮06. carne asada ft ambjaay
🚮07. viral
🚮08. holy moly ft NLE Choppa
🚮09. dirty
🚮10. wire ft stunna 4 Vegas
🚮11. double bacc
🚮12. period
🚮13. close up ft jeremih
💩14. in the zone
💩15. street shit
💩16. 2 diccs ft ybn nahmir

This album is terrible. The first song was okay and then it kind of only gets worse from there. The dude was calling himself a period in one song and has another song called “2 dicks.” Just when you think there’s no way it can get any worse, you get to the last 3 songs. Those are the worst 3 rap songs I have heard in a while. All of the features were horrible (I expected more from dababy). I think this dude might be able to actually rap if he would stop yelling. Whoever produced the beats didnt do bad.
1/10 – Paul Goon


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