Champ – Joey Trap

Champ – Joey Trap

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?01. I’m Good
?02. I Do
??03. House
?04. Hot Boy
?05. Champ Freestyle
?06. Cheap Talk
?07. Project Kid
?08. Blasphemy
?09. Right Now
?10. Breaking Point
??11. Tribute

Project is boring. Its one long song with beat switchups but same tempo. Same flows, same substance, same raps all that fake i practiced my swag in the mirror shit these kids probably love. Its trash, E harmony profile video raps. Entire project is for cats that pretend to be high everyday so people actually have something to say about them. Just always have that dumb ass look on they face, and probably still get they lunches made and labelled with hearts by momma. I wasnt here for it. Boring, substance less, and nothing outside of the same shit every other clout rapper is putting out. Beats boring, raps boring, pacing boring, but the mix was clean.
1.3/10 – John D.


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