Trendsetter – Vanderslice

Trendsetter – Vanderslice

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Trendsetter – Vanderslice

?01. Intro
?02. Cold Winter (ft Vic Spencer)
?03. Christmas Night Heist (ft Ty Farris)
?04. Barry White Shit ( ft G Perico)
?05. Puzzles (ft Daniel Son)
?06. Shell Casings (ft Capo)
??07. Outro

Projects so short if you’re not paying attention it’s over before you know it. That being said this is a dope 5 piece with a couple biscuits, productions on point rappers came to rap my only complaint is i wish it was like 2 or three songs longer because I was having a good ass time and the intro and outro ain’t got no raps on them. This will be going on my shuffle list for sure.
7.5/10- JW


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