Red Paint Reverend – ShooterGang Kony

Red Paint Reverend – ShooterGang Kony

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?01. Kony (Intro)
?02. Industry f. Lil Bean
?03. A Sinner’s Story
?04. Jungle
?05. Bussdown f. Teejay3k & Nef the Pharoah
??06. Chop Walk f. Seddy Hendrix
??07. Glock 21
??08. Ice Skating
??09. Gone
?10. Veteran’s Day
?11. Dearly Departed f. Mozzy
?12. Black On Black Crime
?13. Cash Back f. Mazerati Ricky
??14. Street Talk f. OMB Peezy

More than half of this project is dope as fuck. When its aggressive and hes rapping on some Mozzy mixed with Dave East type shit, its fire. He can rap and his content is very fire. The production on the good side was very dope too very unique in ways too so it felt fresh. There’s a whole middle segment tho that someone decided to filter through a Too $hort discography or some shit like that. I hated it. Feels like a completely different project. After that bald fat excessive jewelry wearing old man beat segment it ends with some back to back heat and a smooth track. Its mostly clean, got content but not too cohesive, but it works. It still feels complete. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.


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