The Lyricist Manifesto – Mike Titan

The Lyricist Manifesto – Mike Titan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Lyricist Manifesto – Mike Titan

?01. Andy Dufresne
?02. The Marksman
?03. Massacre (ft Niko Is &Wrds)
?04. Demolition Man
?05. Road To Consciousness
?06. Good Will Spitting
?07. Fly (ft Twain Mack)
?08. Masters of The Verse
?09. Illusionists (ft IQ)
?10. Dejavu
?11. Mans Best Friend

Project is straight ⛽️ production is on point everything sounds clean my mans spitting the whole time too. Track 7 feature was meh man started his verse like he ran in the booth late but other then that there’s not a flaw to be found project is dope in all aspects I will be spinning this regularly.
8.5/10 – JW


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