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The Lyricist Manifesto – Mike Titan

The Lyricist Manifesto – Mike Titan

🚒01. Andy Dufresne
🔥02. The Marksman
🔥03. Massacre (ft Niko Is &Wrds)
🔥04. Demolition Man
🌊05. Road To Consciousness
🔥06. Good Will Spitting
👍07. Fly (ft Twain Mack)
🔥08. Masters of The Verse
🔥09. Illusionists (ft IQ)
🌊10. Dejavu
🔥11. Mans Best Friend

Project is straight ⛽️ production is on point everything sounds clean my mans spitting the whole time too. Track 7 feature was meh man started his verse like he ran in the booth late but other then that there’s not a flaw to be found project is dope in all aspects I will be spinning this regularly.
8.5/10 – JW

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