Hunger – P.T.P.

Hunger – P.T.P.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hunger – P.T.P.

??01. Am I? (hook was cool)
?02. Hunger
?03. Need ft. Sk, The Novelist & Musashi Xero
??04. Poof
??05. Doubt
?06. Repent (generic choppy flow)
?07. Villain
?08. Dead Man Freestyle
??09. The Times
?10. Idwgt
?11. What Comes Around
??12. Sinister
?13. Breath

Very strange project, dude is definitely an oddball. With that said, there were some serious high points, especially track 11. He’s bringing that angsty semi depressing Realness that I love to hear. My chief complaint is in regards to the tracks where he would use that garbage choppy flow that everyone has been using since The Migos popped. Stick to doing you and this project gets a higher rating.
6.5/10 -Frank


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