No Face No Case – T.R.U. & 2 Chainz

No Face No Case – T.R.U. & 2 Chainz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No Face No Case – T.R.U. & 2 Chainz

?01. Shoot It Out
??02. Virgil Discount (hook is fire tho)
?03. Pop Off
?04. Woo
?05. Rock Out f. NLE Choppa
?06. Brick On My Face
?07. G-Wagon
?08. Georgia
?09. New Levels New Devils
?10. What’s Going On
?11. Reliable f. Quavo
??12. How I Feel (Remix) f. NoCap & Quavo
?13. Fake Beef
?14. Jefe S**t
?15. Vote f. Bear1boss

Too much going on, you are either hit with drooling, 2 Chainz being great, too much autotune or someone making high pitch squishy noises. If I had to describe the collective that is T.R.U. it would be Nasally autotune singer, Guy who says Yeauhh, Squishy noises, and Double time. It has moments if you are into the club type south stuff, but mostly its a collage of different variations of new age, and none of its really the most original or innovative. Beats were meh, some hitters, mostly boring, pacing is random, the substance is a mess or just southern who knows. Its at minimum club music for cats to post up to but with eyes wide open intimidating ladies who look in that direction. Pass on this one.
4/10 – John D.


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