Rufus – Bizarre

Rufus – Bizarre

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?01. RIP Bizarre
?02. Intro (autotune took away from this)
?03. Day In the Hood (unlisted feature was ?)
?04. Puffin’ F. Danny Mellz & Wack Rac
?05. Grandmom
??06. Wish I Was High
?07. Dope Fiend
?08. Leatherface f. King Gordy, Hopsin & Lazarus
?09. Get Hi
?10. Treat Yourself
?11. Late Night f. ??Oba Rowland
??12. Lose Weight (song is hilarious tho)
?13. Man On a Mission (unlisted feature was sliding)
?14. Petty f. ?Mr. Porter
??15. Step Father (autotune took this one)
?16. Free
?17. My Daughter
?18. Breathe Deep
?19. Marijuana
?20. Bizarre Back / Have You Ever
?21. Fans (too long and too inconsistent as far as features)

Project is a mess. Starts with a little bit of hope and then crashes miserably. Terrible autotune, wack choruses, hes known for a strange delivery and slightly corny but hilarious lines so they are there but honestly listening to that for an hour plus is miserable. His features, listed and unlisted did ok for the most part but Im not ok with him praising that underground love but not listing cats, how am I supposed to find them. The production is dope and the quality is clean overall its just the direction of this is weird. Great concepts, terrible delivery. This project is for dudes who belly buttons stink. This project can take a long walk into some fire.
3.5/10 – John D.


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