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Courtier – Lonny X

Courtier – Lonny X

Courtier – Lonny X

🌊1. Dom Perignon
🌊2. Harold Speaks
🔥3. Cabin Fever
🌊4. Professor Calamitous
🌊5. Rachel Speaks
🌊6. Danger Zone
🌊7. Double Tree

Project is smooth. Its an entire vibe, he rapping, the production slides but hes also creating an atmosphere. Its hard to explain but the feeling I had while bumping this was the feeling we all got back in the day when watching skate videos on cassette or on video game unlockables. It feels like its still here but still feels nostalgic. Pacing is great, vibes great, contents great, overall the project is great. In rotation for sure, and it should be more in rotation for you skaters, drivers or anyone who just likes to cruise.
7/10 – John D.

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