Dust 2 Dust – Mav

Dust 2 Dust – Mav

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dust 2 Dust – Mav

?01. Code and Family
?02. Chance Meetings
?03. Ghetto Caviar
?04. Pusher (ft Daniel Son)
?05. Eve
?06. Battered Fish (ft Smoovth)
?07. Dust 2 Dust

This project is DISGUSTING Mav out here talking nice! The beats make me wanna drive around and scowl at people for no reason. Mav rapping about some of the coldest shit in the calmest way the whole time. Second time this year I’m saying I wish a project was longer but I coulda used three more tracks like these. This will be in heavy rotation for me.
8.8/10 -JW


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