Bloodwork – Ekspan

Bloodwork – Ekspan

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?01. Speaking From Experience
?02. Bloodwork
?03. Ground Level
?04. Cut Scenes
?05. Brass Tax
?06. A Dark Matter
?07. No Surrender

I wanna like this shit but every time he says some cold shit he immediately follows it up with some corny shit. The beats are pretty dope i fucked with almost all of them but the way he puts to much emphasis in some spots and delivers bars stiffly just takes me out of it. Not to mention there’s huge stretches of word salad throughout the project perfect example is a stretch from about 2:20 – 3 mins on literally track one he says a bunch of random shit and then says this where I can’t even make out one of the words “Forced them to take a long walk off a short pier, ??? With my peers as we peer through the looking glass” and the. Continues to ramble on. Idk if it’s substance he’s lacking or if he just needs some more seasoning to make it more interesting and less awkward.
3/10 -JW


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