Spaceship Muzik – Da Loopy

Spaceship Muzik – Da Loopy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Spaceship Muzik – Da Loopy

??1.Ye Shrug
?2.Burnt Out
?3.Rafiki ft. Syndotcom ??
?5.Sober For What

The constant switching from Zombie xanax type flows to semi okay bars really gave me exhaustion. It’s like he’s trying to piss you off but not even in a good way. Dude sounds special Ed as fuck. Textbook short bus raps. The beat was way louder than the lyrics far too often. Lots of recycled lean and Mary type bars that will put you to sleep as well. None of it worked for me besides the production and beats. The producer should run, and if you produce your own shit just make beats for someone else.
3/10 -Frank


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