Bowery Bruisers – Bowery Bruisers

Bowery Bruisers – Bowery Bruisers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Bowery Bruisers – Bowery Bruisers (Cliff Calvin, Hi-Q, Elz Sinatra)

?01. Witness (intro)
?02. Broken Wings (could barely hear y’all over the beat)
?03. The Ruckus (ft DJ TMB)
??04. Heisenberg Formula (ft Carnage The Executioner & Oskee)
?05. The Storm (ft I.N.F. & DJ TMB)
?06. I said Throwdown (interlude)
?07. The Epitome (ft DJ TMB)
?08. Hall of the Slain
?09. Black Eye
?10. Fear
?11. Valkyrie Scream (ft DJ TMB)
?12. Dine With Savages (ft DJ TMB)
?13. Ed Kemper
?14. We Are Negan Remix (ft I.N.F.,Taboo & DJ TMB)

This some grade A old head shit. My biggest gripe is the mixing I can barely hear who ever is rapping most of the time over the beats. But other then that the beats are actually pretty dope some of them elicit some nostalgia because they sound like they came out of a time capsule. There’s a few songs I coulda lived without which would of then made the project shorter and probably bring the rating up as well. Not bad tho def worth some spins.
6/10 – JW


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