Facto – Kizzy Yahbo

Facto – Kizzy Yahbo


Facto – Kizzy Yahbo
?01. Furious
?02. IDT SO (ft Dmoney Baggzz)
?03. Freelahway
?04. Latenite in the Trapspot (skit) (ft Kevin Schmaschyawyfe)
?05. Carried Away
?06. Used to Me (ft Demo)
?07. Take Time
??08. Wussup Now Kevin?(skit) (ft Kevin Schmaschawyfe)
?09. Never Do (ft L Vatio)
?10. 3 Aye Em Heavy Talk (ft Gambo)
?11. 900 (Bmagic302)
Projects a pretty good time dude can rap for real there’s a couple tracks I could live without track 2 and 6 specifically were pretty weak. Beats are decent and everything sounds pretty good I do feel like it could maybe use some love on the mixing and mastering side but I’ve heard far worse. I can see myself coming back to a few of these tracks for regular listening. Dope shit keep it up.
7/10 -JW


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