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Facto – Kizzy Yahbo

Facto – Kizzy Yahbo
Facto – Kizzy Yahbo
🔥01. Furious
🆗02. IDT SO (ft Dmoney Baggzz)
🔥03. Freelahway
🎥04. Latenite in the Trapspot (skit) (ft Kevin Schmaschyawyfe)
🌊05. Carried Away
🆗06. Used to Me (ft Demo)
🌊07. Take Time
😂🎥08. Wussup Now Kevin?(skit) (ft Kevin Schmaschawyfe)
🔥09. Never Do (ft L Vatio)
🔥10. 3 Aye Em Heavy Talk (ft Gambo)
🔥11. 900 (Bmagic302)
Projects a pretty good time dude can rap for real there’s a couple tracks I could live without track 2 and 6 specifically were pretty weak. Beats are decent and everything sounds pretty good I do feel like it could maybe use some love on the mixing and mastering side but I’ve heard far worse. I can see myself coming back to a few of these tracks for regular listening. Dope shit keep it up.
7/10 -JW

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