Purple Haze 2 – Cam’ron

Purple Haze 2 – Cam’ron

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?01. Toast to Me
?02. Medellin
?03. Losin’ Weight 3
?04. K.O.P.
?05. I Don’t Know f. Wale
?06. Big Deal
?07. Fast Lane
?08. The Right One
?09. This Is My City f. ?Max B
?10. Keep Rising f. Max B
?11. The Get Back f. Mimi
?12. Just Be Honest f. Mimi
?13. Ride the Wave
?14. Killa Bounce f. Disco Black
?15. Believe in Flee
?16. Straight Harlem f. Jim Jones & Shooter

Project is heat. Not only can it hang with new era shit, old school heads gonna love this. The production and pacing shows this was put together with love. Once you have that, Cam effortlessly slides on this entire project. You get those very simple but heavy punchlines, you get the silly street shit, you get the classic features, but the best part of this is all the stories you get. He’s out here making music of facts, and making sure you know these are facts. Sometimes its shocking some of the shit he says, like the beginning of the last track. Project is short of an hour but can be put on loop no problem. In rotation.
9/10 – John D.


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