WWCD – Griselda

WWCD – Griselda

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?01. Marchello f. Raekwon [Intro]
?02. Chef Dreds
?03. Moselle
?04. Cruiser Weight Coke
?05. Freddie HotSpot
?07. The Old Groove f. Novel
?08. Scotties
?09. Kennedy f. Tiona Deniece
?10. City on the Map f. ?50 Cent
?11. May Store f. ?Keisha Plum
?12. Lowery f. Bro A.A. Rashid [AA Outro]
?13. Bang f. ?Eminem [Remix]

Project is scary. My problem is every feature took away from this, and the one person who I needed to rap on this did the intro. Griselda is here, the beats, the quality, the raps, all the rugged, baggy clothes, clean sneaker dirty hat raps are here in bunches. The whole time 3 things kept going on thru my head, Gunn cookin but them adlibs, Conway makes me double check if my doors are locked, mobile or at home and Benny fucking relax. Calm down (white lady hand thru the window as I say it) calm down. There is no reason to rap like this. Project is in rotation heavy, and highkey Em felt out of place, he might’ve forgot how to rap with blacks.
8.5/10 – John D.


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