Dopanese – Mooch

Dopanese – Mooch

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Dopanese – Mooch

?01. Dopanese f. Rigz
?02. Fish Fry
?03. Poison f. Daniel Son
?04. Gamblers f. Rigz
?05. Ditto f. Rigz & Tekk9
?06. Time
?07. Sign Language
?08. Net 10 f. Rigz (Rigz blacked the fuck out)
?09. 300K f. Mav
?10. Travel f. Rigz
?11. 5 Min Away! f. Rigz

Project is GASSSS. This shit from the golden era but found a time machine. Its fire. All the raps, all the bars, all the headshots, all the woke and clever gems sprinkled in. Its gritty, the production is fire, its clean, its got replay value, its got solid pacing for a project just about talking nice. Features all snapped. This project got the energy of that one cat in highschool who pulled off a valor suit with waves early 2000’s, like homie had a car before everyone, went to mcdonalds n shit instead of ate school lunch. In heavy rotation. Rigz, needs to relax also this nigga rap like his life depends on it.
9/10 – John D.


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