Head Shots – Dark Lo & Rigz

Head Shots – Dark Lo & Rigz

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Head Shots – Dark Lo & Rigz

?01. Cheat Code
?02. Easy (ft Rob Gates)
?03. It’s Real
?04. Get Ya Weight Up
?05. Dusk Til Dawn (ft ?Rob Gates & ?Ransom)
?06. Alley Oop
?07. Head Shots
Project is DISGUSTING everyone came to RAP RAP no weak verses to be found. High key tho Rigz def cooked everyone. Production is filthy beats make you wanna ride around casing houses and shit. Don’t listen to this first thing in the morning unless you want your energy to be dark af for the rest of the day.
9/10 – JW


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