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Entering Level 1 – Tech N9ne

Entering Level 1 – Tech N9ne

🔥1. Yeah No! (ft. Mackenzie Nicole🌊)
🔥2. Feel So Sad
🔥3. Angel Baby (ft. Navé Monjo🌊)
🆗️4. On The Outsude
🌊5. B.I.B. (ft. Krizz Kaliko🌊)

K.O.D. Light. I haven’t heard this man tell a story like this ever since K.O.D. came out. Seven never disappoints with the beats yo. I feel like every T9 album has to have a song about not getting the proper attention for his craft, it’s a skippable one. The features added the right amount of groove to what they on. I’m taking this right to see what comes next cause this is a dope 5 piece.
7/10 – Drake K.

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