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Braggin’ Rights – Purple Wall Street Entertainment

Braggin’ Rights – Purple Wall Street Entertainment

👍🏾01. We Comin’
👎🏾02. Bmore S**t
😴03. The Message
🆗04. Lethal
👍🏾05. F**k You Mean
💤06. Takin’ Pics
🌊07. Apes
👍🏾08. Don’t Do It
👎🏾09. Hard
🚮10. Let’s Do It
😴11. Look at ‘Em
🌊12. Sleep When I’m Dead
💤13. Work Life
🆗14. Legacy

Project aint for me. Quality is here and it clearly follows a type of sound consistently showing me that its probably a wave based out of Baltimore. To me its weak as fuck. These dudes can rap a bit but its what they are rapping about and these weird type aggressive club beats. Very cookie cutter, very simple, tho the voice contrast is here they rapping the same shit. Lost interest real quick. This music for cats who post up at clubs by the bar wearing old sports jerseys. I am going to pass on this.
4/10 – John D.

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