No Recess – Buddy Lofton & Josh Lamont

No Recess – Buddy Lofton & Josh Lamont

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]No Recess – Buddy Lofton & Josh Lamont

?01. The Introduction (The Start)
??02. M.P.R. > F.D.S.
?03. Do The Math (Bag Talk)
?04. Larry The Promoter
?05. No Respect (ft Steelyone, KOOL KIDD DRE)
?06. 365 (No $$$ Mo Problems)
?07. Bulletproof (ft Ywnlkasnb)
?08. 10,000 Hours [American Dreamin’] (ft Isaiah Serenade)
?09. More Sauce (ft Kontraversy)
?10. Twenty4Seven (ft Leigh)
?11. Van Gogh (ft Blakkz)
?12. The Night Time
?13. Money Counter
?14. No Recess! [The Finish] (Lord Darko)

Project is dope, no “wack” songs but definitely some weaker then others. The more melodic songs were kinda lost on me but that could be personal bias, not big on sing rapping. Bars were mostly dope, some weak punchlines sprinkled in here and there but you can tell there’s some blood and sweat that went into this project. I have to say overall the production really stole the show for me all the beats slide or slap in their own way. Idk if this is going on my playlist but I can see myself coming back to it.

7/10 – JW


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