Caused Without Thought – Tayway

Caused Without Thought – Tayway

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?01. Out of Character
??02. Dangerous Love
?03. GOMD
??04. Krystal the PLUG
?05. Relationship Problems
?06. Cupid’s Arrow f. Treyon Jackson & Reezy
?07. Chopper Go Dumb f. Zhy$
?08. Bet On Me
??09. Reconmmendation f. Treyon Jackson
?10. Above the Rim
?11. Drip Mode
?12. Do It Like Me f. Reezy, Zhy$ & OneWayYun
?13. Fade Away
??14. FS4L f. Zhy$ & Reezy
??15. Live Right

This the good side of that singy singy rap rap choppa from the mud shit. I rock with it, its all super clean, all the double time raps, all the catchy hooks, light autotune so its classy, but also instead of the i fucked your bitch wave, this shit got that relationship shit, so i fucked my bitch type stuff, and some women love too not all bitches. Its nice, production is smooth, pacing is straight to the point, its a bit long of a project but I am not mad at it. Most of these could have just been dope radio singles. Seeing it by the bunch tho shows this dude and his team know how to make music. Consistency is here. Project is clean. In rotation.
6.8/10 – John D.


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