[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]PRESENCE – Styles P

?1. Bad Man (ft. Butta??)
?️2. Blam, Blam, Blam (ft. Benny The Butcher??)
?3. Blood, Sweat & Tears
?️4. Golden (ft. Xander??)
?5. Either, Or
?6. Brand New
??7. Yes, Lord! (ft. Iman Nunez?)
??8. Roll Up (ft. Chris River??, Cris Streetz?)
?️9. Numbers Don’t lie
?10. Gotta Know

Hubba Bubba gum jams. You get a good taste for second then gotta pop anotha one minutes later. Then all you got is just got synthetic rubber. Stretching the same topics, and fusions of boom bap and trap to its last stretch. Just like the features, the beat selection is bland asf. Cris Streetz impressed me the most out of everyone on this joint. The presence of an L is strong with this one.
4/10 – Drake K.


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