Leave You Where I Find you – Precyce Politix

Leave You Where I Find you – Precyce Politix

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Leave You Where I Find you – Precyce Politix

?1. Loyalty
?2. Darts Over Smokey
?️3. Praise (ft. Lena Jackson)
?4. Hail Hydra (ft. Sharp Cuts)
?5. Homework
?6. Heavy Furs (ft. Lena Jackson)
?7. Dark Is The Sky
?️8. Superman Pajamas [throws the vibe of the project off]
?9. My Mother’s Eyes
??10. Gorgeous Killer (ft. Sharp Cuts)
?11. Bible Manners (ft. Eternal The MC)
?12. Alright Charlie
?13. Irony
?14. Bloodsport Champion (ft. Mallz)

A gangster flick type vibe. A great start with a slow decline. There’s flows and dope raps, but no choruses. The lack of choruses slid this to the deep end of boring quick with the help of cheap mixing. The instrumentals get too loud at points, and put Precyce and some of the features over or under the coat. Lena and Sharp put on a great 1st impression with ? verse, but Mallz and Eternal are the ones I ain’t gonna remember. The thing that got to me the most are the skits. They are what put the nail in the coffin, they’re longer than every track on this tape and would lose me half way through. This flick ain’t for me, G.
4/10 – Drake K.


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