The Summer EP – The Good People

The Summer EP – The Good People

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Summer EP – The Good People

?1. Windows Down (ft. Tash?)
?2. Sidewalk Barbecue (ft. A-F-R-O?& Termanology?)
?3. Keep It Movin (ft. Horror City?)
?4. The Moodment
?5. A Summer Night At The Symphony (ft. MXNXPXLY FAMILY?)
?6. Through You (ft. Kriminul)

Solid-Aid. Strong start, snares hit as hard as the rhymes. The word saladry is string with trsck 2 and 3. The Moodment reminds me of Methods verse in Logic’s Wu-Tang track. Minus the word salaf kind and Horror, the features were clean. The production is high key the best I’ve heard in a minute. No one sounds under or over coat. Playlist this 1 time without the tossed salad tracks.
7/10 – Drake K.


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