White Noise – D1C3

White Noise – D1C3

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]White Noise – D1C3

?01. Intro
?02. No Filter II
?03. Frontline (Ft Tony Marsley)
?04. Lil Flacid II (Skit)
?05. Back To You
?06. Baby (Ft Eric Joel)
?07. 87 Regular (Skit)
?08. Get Dafug Back (beat was hittin)
?09. Over Again
?10. Time Bomb (ft Breana Marin)
?11. I Gotta (ft Breana Marin)
?12. Energy
?13. Insert (skit)
?/?14. Insert (MGK Diss)
?15. Say My Name
?16. Outro

I ain’t gon’ lie you had me in the first half, you came out swinging and then there was some emotional shit and everything was sounding smooth and clean. Then all of sudden about half way through you started to sound a lil stiffer less rehearsed in your delivery. And as far as the diss track itself, the track is fire but it fucks with the continuity of the project and the last track seems unnecessary. Lop off the last two songs and it gets a +1
7/10 – JW


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