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Nothing Left to Prove – Krayzie Bone

Nothing Left to Prove – Krayzie Bone

🆗1. Keeping It Real
🌊2. Just a Man
👍🏾3. All My Life
🆗4. Still Heated Heavy
😴5. They Say
👍🏾6. Nothing Left to Prove
🆗7. The Thug Mentality
🌊8. Stuck in My Ways (Remix)

Project was almost underwhelming. The beats kinda messed it up, and then when the beats werent he tossed in some acappellas that you kinda werent in the mood for by the time they came up. He did his thing he can rap he can chop he can harmonize on some smooth shit but like its all gotta click for it all to click. Its a short listen but felt like 40 min. Like he showed he can still put things together but not like enough to like stamp the legend limelight for the way times are now. Project is just ok.
5/10 – John D.

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