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Living in A Fucked Up Environment – L.I.F.E

Living in A Fucked Up Environment – L.I.F.E

🆗1. The Beginning (incredible Mel)
🌊2. L.I.F.E. 2019 Freestyle
🌊3. L.I.F.E (Feel Me) 2
👍🏾4. L.I.F.E (all Got Issues) [fighting the volume of the beat]
🌊5. Where Do We Go
👍🏾6. L.I.F.E (contemplating) HMP1
🌊7. Chilling Wit

Project is solid. Quality is soundcloud but other than that its not bad at all. Opening track is a bit stiff but once you pass that it type slides. Production is smooth and simple, he can rap he talking that real life shit too and it doesnt sound too copy and paste. The pacing is simple, the quality is ok, soundcloud standard. Overall im not mad at it. In rotation.
6.5/10 – John D.

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