Scrypt – Scru Face Jean x Crypt

Scrypt – Scru Face Jean x Crypt

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Scrypt – Scru Face Jean x Crypt

?1. Going in Again (ft. Merkules?)
?2. Still
?3. Cliqued Up (ft. Duane Jackson? and Chvse?)
??4. Heist
?5. Don’t Get in Our Way
?6. Last Ones
?7. Butta
?8. Hardly Home (ft. Sk8 Maloley?)
??9. Living Legend
?10. Throne

Lemongrab. Crypt comes off as a try hard half the time he’s like the guest on the project. Scru put down all the verses and hooks pretty much made it his own. From Merk to Sk8, the features were grade “A.” The mixing seemed to have been done by 2 separate people, cause Scru’s and Crypt’s verses were way off level on the ? joints. Youtube radio ready for sure.
5/10 – Drake K.


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