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Shmiggles – Googie

Shmiggles – Googie

Shmiggles – Googie

🆗1.Back to It
🆗2.Ghost Hunter
🌊3.Give &Take
👍🏼5.Bottom Shelf
🆗7.No Interludes
🆗8.I Did It

Off rip this project scares me. I think he tried to rape me with track 4. On some shit like “I’ll kill your parents if you tell anyone.” Shmiggles was your prison nickname you used to turn skinny cats like me out. I need counseling. All jokes aside the production was iffy on some tracks and that took away from the body of work as a whole. Fix that and this is a check for sure. You can rap and the concepts are there. Close but not quite there yet.
5/10 -Frankie

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