Color State Of Mind – Next Apollo

Color State Of Mind – Next Apollo

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?1. Journey (ft. Neil Antonia White)
?2. Day N Night (ft. Yxng Plagxe)
?3. Crusin (ft. Neil Antonia White, Bbae, and Benwood)
?4. NM Help (ft. Treez Of The 505 and C Mackin)
??5. Chronic (ft. Jago The Wanderer)
?6. Ain’t The Plan (ft. Drvvn)
?7. Understand (ft. Kev Keys & Desstheinfluence)
??8. Color State Of Mind (ft. Fugiionehunned)
??9. Oasis Found

This mans sounds like Quadeca. The G Funk beats are the highlight of the whole thing. Mans first year rapping and it’s as expected. There’s weak rhymes, the quadeca flow, horrible mixing and other somewhat shitty rappers. Apollo found his nitch on the ? and ? joints, but couldn’t do that to the rest of this children coloring book. Outta the line coloring, and it’s not going on the refrigerator.
2/10 – Drake K.


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