Hope You Enjoyed – Kado THG

Hope You Enjoyed – Kado THG

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hope You Enjoyed – Kado THG

?01. Jumpin
??02. 1up ft. Just Quan!
?03. They Hate
?04. Gucci ft. Halo
??05. Chanel ft.Yeezy$word
?06. Ricky Bobby
??07. Stealth ft. J Pat
??08. Seasons
??09. Going Up ft. Yeezy$word
?10.Nothing New Campaign
?11.Hope You Enjoyed

Some middle of the road new age trash. It had some high points but it wasn’t enough to outweigh the bad. Point blank this new age shit just isn’t for me. The bars were corny often and the hooks just weren’t hitting. Next.
4.8/10 – Frankie


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