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Under Bad Influence – Ubi

Under Bad Influence – Ubi

Under Bad Influence – Ubi

🔥01. Gameshow
🔥02. Lock Load Shoot
🔥03. The Quill (ft The Palmer Square)
🔥04. Read Em and Weep
🌊05. What if
🔥06. Light Em Up (ft Godemis)
🔥07. Missing Somethin (ft M3GA)
🌊08. Double Yous (ft Maez301)
👍09. The Good Guy
🔥10. What It Takes
🔥11. Involved
🔥12. Pharmacy
🔥13.Way Down
🔥14. Prey
🔥15. Madness (ft JL & Info Gates)
🚒16. Get Busy (ft King Iso, Jarren Benton, Locksmith)
🆗17. Bitty Betty (ft Joey Cool , Karma Knows)
🚒18. Madness (ft Tech N9ne , Krizz Kaliko , !MAYDAY , JL & Info Gates)

Project is fire dude is snapping on most of the tracks although he’s tap dancing around word salad a few times. Project definitely could of been shorter there’s multiple super fire eps in here instead of one mostly fire project that starts to drag about half way. Almost boring, almost. but the raps is there.
7.5/10 -JW

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