Juvenile Delinquent 2 – RugRat

Juvenile Delinquent 2 – RugRat

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Juvenile Delinquent 2 – RugRat

?1. 100 Seasons
?2. Shoota
??3. Whole Lotta f. Hitmaker D-Aye
?4. Real Shyt
??5. Die Bout It
??6. Drop & Gimme 50 f. 1716 Yay & Mia Alexis
?7. Slide f. Huncho
?8. Water

Project is meh. Its very clean, its pretty much radio ready and I can see kids rocking with it. That being said, I just wasnt into it. I drifted between the lines of bored and “this is not for me” often. The substance I have heard more than most, trust me. The melodies were cool, the flows were cool all of the new age kind, the pacing was stagnant. Its about as cookie cutter as it gets for an already generic type brand, but occasionally having that one extra soft or crispy frosted up cookie in the mix. If you are looking to really listen to something, pass on this, if you are looking to vibe, maybe pass on it too.
4.3/10 – John D.


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