Black Heart – $NOOP

Black Heart – $NOOP

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Black Heart – $NOOP

?1. Black Heart
?2. Stressin’
??3. Why
?4. War Cry
??5. Always
?6. Possibly
?7. Gangsta
??8. Exotic
??9. Before I Lay My Head

I really went into this not expecting much and for the most part my initial vibes were correct. However, there is some decent content here when you can look past the generic trap shit that you’ve heard a million times before, this cat paints a partial picture of a man struggling with addiction and it’s impact on his family. I respect the real ness you put into some of this and recommend you staying in that lane. There’s some potential here and it shows on a couple tracks but as a whole it was trash. Sorry G.
3.5/10 – Frankie


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