Room 39 – Ty Farris

Room 39 – Ty Farris

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Room 39 – Ty Farris

?01. Welcome to Room 39
?02. Middle Of Mayhem
?03. Where I Live
?04. Maintain N Survive (ft Nash)
?05. Product Of My
?06. I Will Never Lose
?07. Ghetto Survivor ( ft Scolla)
?08. Can’t Even Cry Or Feel Nothing (ft Kid Vishis)
?09. Hold On (ft Royce da 5’9)
?10. Never Giving up (ft Rapper Big Pooh)
?11. Live From Room 39
?12. Let Go
?13. North Korea Crackrocks
?14. Motivate Maniacs (beat is ?)
?15. Let’em Out The Prisons
?16. Another Crackbaby

I’ve always appreciated Ty Farris from a far but this project is undeniable heat but the second half he takes the fuck off. I would even say that in my opinion this is peak Ty Farris so far. He says it himself at one point “bars over bullshit” he’s RAPPING, couldn’t help but run the project back in full again immediately after listening to it the first time. This will be getting heavy spins from me.
10/10 – JW


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