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The Thinnest Line pt. II – ¡Mayday!

The Thinnest Line pt. II – ¡Mayday!

The Thinnest Line pt. II – ¡Mayday!

🌊1. Close (ft. Savannah Cristina🌊)
🌊2. She Tells Me
🔥3. Confidence
🌊4. Creature of Comfort (ft. Ryan “Myagl” Evans)
🔥5. Feel About You
👍6. From Here

An uplifting chill boy. Great listen. Real late for a valentines review but who givea a fuck? Production and quality be fresh as fuck. Whoever mixs and masters their shit gets a crisp high five from I. Features added some good good to the joints they on. In rotation for sure
8/10 – Drake K.

The Thinnest Line, Pt. II – EP by ¡MAYDAY!

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