I Am… – Futuristic

I Am… – Futuristic

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?01. Call You Back
?02. Up
?03. Top Ten ( ft Gianni & Kyle)
?04. That’s That
?05. 48 Hours
?06. Untouchable (ft Call Me Karizma)
?07. Grape Kool Aid (ft Dax )
?08. Feel Again
?09. Show Me Something Else
?10. Gravity is Fake
?11. Gut Puncher ( ft Andy Mineo)

Project is different, raps are smooth he says some slick shit here and there and has some smooth melodies but something seems like it’s holding this project back from being crazy fire. It seems strange to say but its almost like some of the songs are over produced there’s just to much going on in some of them and it distracts from the quality of the song. Overall super smooth project definitely recommend listening.
7.7/10 – JW


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