Cannibal Hulk – ILL BILL & Stu Bangas

Cannibal Hulk – ILL BILL & Stu Bangas

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?01. Cannibal Hulk
?02. Antron Singleton f. Goretex
?03. Yo Gamma Gamma
?04. World War Hulk f. Goretex & Slaine
?05. Green Sabbath
?06. Russo’s on the Bay f. Vinnie Paz
?07. Scumbags f. Uncle Howie
?08. Joe Fixit f. Snak The Ripper
?09. Shiva Call f. Goretex
?10. Hulk Meat f. Goretex

Project is fucking fire. If you walk up a small flight of stairs and lose your breathe this project is for you. Aggressive. Every beat made my face crunch. Every feature made me want to fight. Everyone was saying shit that i wanted to hear. Hip hop as fuck, but also very hostile. ILL sound like he cant breathe and need to blow his nose but still managing to give you these bars that make you want to make people uncomfortable. Every track, even the short but sweet clips all made sense. Not one thing bad on this project from the artwork to the pacing to the features to the music. All it needed was a diamond. In HEAVY ROTATION.
9.8/10 – John D.

Cannibal Hulk by Ill Bill & Stu Bangas

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