The South Got Something to Say – Pouya

The South Got Something to Say – Pouya

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?01. Cruisin’ in the MIA
?02. I’m Alive
?03. Five Six
?04. 95 (hook is ass)
??05. Superman Is Dead
?06. Mood Swing Misery f. Rocci
??07. Settle Down f. Midnight Rush
?08. Florida Thang
?09. Talk to Me Before I Die f. cuco
?10. Suck My dick
?11. Run It Down f. Rocci
?12. Bulletproof Shower Cap f. City Morgue
??13. Cyanide f. Ghostmane
?14. Six Speed f. Juicy J
?15. When Will I See You?

Project is ok. Honestly nothing on it was bad its just there was allot of stuff that didnt move me or that just clearly not my type of music but it was done well for the most part. Quality is clean, it hits allot of different areas, has a bunch of different sounds, to me unique. I dont know much about him but I would think this is a sound from where he is from that he brought to life in this. I am not mad at it, tho when things got good they got really good, hes talented for sure, features were forgettable for the most part but he does his thing. Raps are here the singing not so much, but all in all a solid release.
6/10 – John D.

The South Got Something to Say by Pouya

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