Lord’s Of Flatbush 3 – The Underachievers

Lord’s Of Flatbush 3 – The Underachievers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lord’s Of Flatbush 3 – The Underachievers

?01. Stone Cold
?02. Deebo
?03. No Detectives
?04. Packs
?05. Wasteman
?06. Tokyo Drift
?07. Rowdy
?08. Last Call
?09. Randy Moss

Projects not horrible mixing could use a little love. These cats can rap for sure as far as bar work goes but all their flows and cadence’s were very similar to each other and almost the same every song which gets old quick. Beats are pretty fire which helps with some bonus points. This may grow on me the more I listen to it so I’m going to be spinning it tentatively.
6.3/10 – JW

Lords of Flatbush 3 by The Underachievers

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