Fly God Is a Awesome God – WESTSIDE GUNN

Fly God Is a Awesome God – WESTSIDE GUNN

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Fly God Is a Awesome God – WESTSIDE GUNN

? 01. July 27th
? 02. Sensational Sherri
? 03. Bautista
? 04. Lunchin
? 05. Ferragamo
? 06. Thousand Shot Mac
? 07. Birkin
? 08. Pete Sake
? 09. Amherst Station 3
? 10. Dance Floor Love
? 11. Gunlib
? 12. Lakers Vs Rockets

After the last few drops from westside we can clearly say that Benny and Conway carry that camp. This project is a bunch of subpar beats. With westside raplibing the entire time. When he started the adlibs it was cool. Now its habitual overkill. Please go back to the old formula.
3/10 – M.

Flygod Is an Awesome God by Westside Gunn

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