Nightmare Are Great Motivation – Sha

Nightmare Are Great Motivation – Sha


Nightmare Are Great Motivation – Sha

?01. Itachi
?02. In da Basement
?03. War
?04. Dinero
?05. Nightlife
??06. Burn Notice (track got an extra 20 sec of silence)
?07. Heatwave
?08. Convo
?09. Adesanya
?10. Waterfalls
?11. Someday
?12. Wave
??/?13. Alone Interlude
?14. Love Affair (Get Right)
??15. Tomb Raider
?16. Bury Me
??17. Limbo
?18. Heartbreak Hotel
?19. Those Times
??20. Aftersmoke
?21. Redo
?22. Can’t Change

Project is very solid. Honestly its long but im not that mad at it. I see what he was trying to do and he did it. The variety is very real, he does literally everything, hes got banger tracks, turn up tracks, sad boy tracks, cudi like trippy sad boy tracks, rappity rap tracks, tracks with no raps its all here and for the most part he puts a new age twist on them that works. Its very new age but with all the passion and creativity that most new age lack. I was here for it, it dragged a bit because 22 songs is 22 songs but I appreciated it. Coulda easily been a few fire ep’s but still he did that and it worked out for sure. Production shines, he shines rap or singing and even some unlisted voices went off. In rotation (only some cuz its too long)
7/10 – John D.

Nightmares Are Great Motiviation by Sha

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