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Runnin’ Rich – Valee

Runnin’ Rich – Valee

Runnin’ Rich – Valee

🚛1. Ice Attack Prequel (That aristocat bar was fucking ass)
💤2. Above Average f. G Herbo (Herbo highkey ate him)
💩3. Pepsi
💩4. John Doe
💩5. Boxing
💩6. Yoppie
💩7. Clever f. 👍🏾King Louie
🚛9. Sleep Number f. Vic Mensa

This nigga entire cadence is when children are at the register with they mom, making that last attempt shy whisper to get candy in close proximity. Beats are trash and boring. Whatever he thinks hes talking about are trash. His punchlines are the worst ive heard in a min, especially the ones that stuck. I hate him for that. Whole project hes whispering, he sounds frail. Features all tried, but they couldnt do anything with whatever he brought to them. Entire project felt like someone holding on to their last braincell for dear life.
0/10 – John D.

Runnin’ Rich by Valee

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